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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 30th January 2018: Post: 2

So do you want me to seduce you ?

Line from Too Funky by George Michael. The video for the song shows
George watching a catwalk show featuring the very lovely Emma Sj÷berg
in a silver robotic Thierry Mugler outfit. The whole robotic female
style was very popular for a time and featured on CU Amiga. For some
reason the magazine gets loads of hits from the website and so I 
thought I better make a feature of the related article.

Not sure I see the fascination

Bet you thought I was going to do
a feature on Sexy Robots.. Seriously

I mean.. I'd have to have the book

By this guy

And there is the finished artwork

There's more

If you liked Roxy Music or Duran Duran
you may also be familiar with the work
of Patrick Nagel. Popular around the
same period.. or a touch earlier

Favourite AI .. Hmmm

Becky O'Donohue as Siri in Big Bang Theory

And here is that Too Funky video for you ....

Emma Sjoberg in Too Funky

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