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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2018

Entry 31st January 2018: Post: 1

iMac - Good for you

I guess as an architect by profession it is anticipated that I
would have a high standard of preference when it comes to matters
of design. It always felt that way from the way folk assumed
certain things about my likes and dislikes. In truth an architect
simply channels the wishes of a client through him/her in the
process of designing a building solution for them. We are taught
to develop a philosophy of design at school of architecture and
it is likely that this does influence greatly an architect's likes.

I was once driving a client to a meeting and she commented that
I probably lived in a white glass house, with white carpets and
with rooms adorned with simple furniture with glass tables and
decoration in the form of white pebbles. She had been reading too
many House and Garden magazines. Anyway, in response I said simply
no and also advised that I also don't use a Mac.

Truth is that the Mac for me is a design statement and also a
comment about someone's personal worth, in their own eyes. For me
a computer is a way of achieving something. I am always bemused
why a Mac user insists on extolling the virtues of his computer,
even when not asked , and babbles on about the improved levels
of security you get with a Mac. Seriously you don't have to justify
to me why you use a Mac over an MS system. Both are inferior, but
I just have way too much kit and software for the Win system to
justify moving over to another computer. In the end it really is
more about the functionality, ease of use, cost and availability
of software plus the ready availability of hardware.

I really don't know enough about the Mac to make reasoned comment.
However, in the times of using them I have always become frustrated
at how long winded some operations are just to do a simple thing.
I also got very annoyed not having my treasured Windows applications
on hand to use all the time.

And so I better leave it at that. The Apple/Mac suits some and I am
sure is a pleasure to use to those that live by them. You know how I
feel about matters, and unless I can go back to 1993 and save
Commodore, I will go to the grave sad that I had to spend the greater
period of my life using a poorer OS. Albeit acceptable. Kinda food
without taste....... The Mac just doesn't fit with my philosophy.

Here we have an iMac. Has an apple on it and personally I have never
really understood why a computer had to be called something else
when from the logo its an Apple. But hey. My crit as it were

What I hate... The mouse. I need two buttons and a roller. I live
by the scroll and right click as I surf and drink tea with my left
hand. All this keyboard clicking is so.... boooooooooorrrrriiinnngg.

The mouse cord plugged into the keyboard. No use to me as I tend
to be moving around a lot. And the lead to the keyboard is also way
too short.

The keyboard is a mowing machine for dust, hair, food and anything
and a pig to keep clean. Tea stains all over it. And again those
special key functions.... Why ? Just put another button on the mouse
and give yourself a whole bag of other options.

The unit is heavy. Bloody heavy. I mean real real heavy. It kinda is
impossible to move around. Just a real struggle to use.

The OS is pretty pleasant enough. The nice lady telling me about
problems is also quite interesting. Loads of windows from software
did not make the exit path clear. I guess a bit of education would
help. The G4 has the red green etc buttons which are better.

That's about it. Dunno why the shut down wasn't from the Apple logo.
Seems odd to put that under special. Again with a right click function
you could access all the menus from two clicks, from anywhere on
the screen. I really get sick of any program these days that insists
on the drop down from the top of the screen. I have a massive desktop
on the Win machine and I have stuff laid out all over the place and
where I am is where I want the functionality, not from a remote menu.

Pictures then.... No technical stuff. I am sure there are way better
sites available that give out information.

Comments were in respect of this computer. I do not possess or have
ever used an Apple telephone, tablet or touch screen modern monitor.

iMac G3

... and no floppy drive. Never mind.


G4 G4 G4 G4

G4 G4

Sadly slower than a very slow thing
with a very good reason for being slow

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