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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 1st January 2019: Post 02: Amiga 600 - A601 next in the series

Amiga 600 - A601 next in the series

Moving on to the second of the A600s that I wanted to check today
I open up and discover the very annoying A601 memory upgrade. And
why annoying.?. cus there is a battery in this and I cannot open
the case. More on that in a moment.

And so I opened up and checked the revision and found this to be
a Rev 1.5 and so a suitable candidate for a hard drive. The computer
also has the shielding plus the cradle, which is useful.

Turning to the A601, well this is very frustrating. I just do not
have a hot enough soldering iron. The thing was hot enough to take
a circle of skin off my left thumb which kinda hurts. My bad. I
sense I may have actually welded one of the tabs in the process.

They installed this mad shielding on the unit to comply with some
regulations and then sealed the whole unit shut. The battery is the
long caterpillar type and not the barrel. The expansion actually
manages to fully integrate with the A600 motherboard to the point
where it is recognised by the computer as part of it. SysInfo
whilst recognising the added memory does not view the board as
being an expansion.

I guess I may have another go at some time. So annoying.

CPU: Motorola 68000 16 Bit
Clock Speed: 7.16 MHz NTSC and 7.09 MHz PAL
Coprocessors: Multi chip coprocessor system DMA, video, graphics and sound
Memory: 512KB RAM standard, expandable internally
ROM: 512 KB
Interfaces: Floppy Disk Drive - Internal
            External Floppy, Mouse/Joystick 2, Serial (RS232, PC-Compatible)
            Parallel (Centronics, PC-Compatible)
            Video - RGB Analog DB23 15KHz, Colour Composite, RCA, RF Modulator
            Stereo Audio

PSU: Switching 23 Watts
Keyboard: Integral 78 keys
Disk Drive: Standard built-in 3.5" floppy drive 880 KB Formatted capacity
External Disk Drive: Optional
Video: North America RGB NTSC International RGB PAL
Sound: Four independent sound channels
Text-Speech: Built in
Clock: Optional with battery back-up
System Software: Multitasking: Includes AmogaDOS, Workbench and various utilities.

Amiga 600 - Rev 1.0

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