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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 4th January 2019: Post 01: Sim Games - ' Oh! the simulated horrors '

Sim Games - ' Oh! the simulated horrors '

There is a great line in Big Bang where Sheldon is imagining being
in Sheldonopolis as mayor as his city is ravaged by Godzilla and
he says ' Oh the simulated horror '. This blog is not really a
discussion about the very wonderful Maxis Sim series but more
about where gaming for me all went wrong.

I play World of Warcraft. I have level 120 characters and I am
always levelling a character. I love levelling in Warcraft. Of
late I have also taken to playing League of Legends cus it's kinda
fun. I am starting to get the hang of it, though find it a little
dreary at times.

My love has always been puzzle solving and god games. I have
struggled a lot finding anything remotely as interesting and fun
as say your basic SIM CITY. And not even SimCity 2000.

Games today that are online are either 'kiddy' Candy Crush or kill
fests Call of Duty games where players like PvP and just go on
a kill spree rampage. If you were to take away the concept of
death and or killing things from computer games there would
probably be only Minecraft left. And that is so not my kind of
game. It really is a blood scarred landscape out there for gamers.

I have found some games that I could build and enjoy my own world.
Archeage was fine but every time they merge you lose everything.
And now Trion have gone to the wall so that's a none starter now.
Lots of games added player housing but it was just an add-on to
an otherwise 'KILL STUFF' kinda game. I really have done with
killing stuff. It's so moronic and just feeds anger.

I have looked at a whole variety of building games but none
really cut it in my view. I really did enjoy all the SIM games.
They were designed around the basic premise of development of
worth by creating and building. Not by killing and destroying.
It really is an important factor in a game as to whether you
want to create or destroy.

And so my search for a good building game continues. For now I
can reflect on those SIM games of old and my years of playing
SIM CITY and the like. I also enjoyed A-Train, Populous, Genesis
and Civilisation. Though CIV was technically a kill game.

I have set aside K240 to have a play. I have never really dabbled
and I guess its time now to have a play.

No real blog here in truth. Just the fun of playing SIMS. Brilliant.

SIMS - The simulated horrors

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