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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 4th January 2019: Post 02: PiPPiN Atmark - From the Apple tree

PiPPiN Atmark - From the Apple tree

Some like to think that Apple created a games console. Truth is they
didn't. It was the Bandai Company that created the actual games
console called ATMARK which used the Apple Macintosh platform under
license. The software which Apple had demonstrated at various trade
shows was aimed at the Home Market or ' consumer audiovisual, stereo
and television environment. More than just a games console. The idea
was the platform would grow as an open product and expand and
specialise in the whole home entertainment system, and not just as
a games console.

The platform was short lived and I believe only two companies ever
signed licenses with Apple. The other being a Norway company.

Not sure why I pulled the box to photograph to be honest. Has an
interesting story as to how I obtained the console. I was playing
World of Warcraft and questing in Elwynn Forest when I noted an
argument going on in chat about whether Apple ever made a games
console. I read the comments and then did a search on Google while
still playing the game. I was amazed that this games console existed.
I zonked over to Ebay and was able to acquire this boxed version.
And all whilst I was still in game. So I posted on chat that I can
confirm the console existed and I had just bought one.

Amazing. And as to the name, well if you know your apples then this
is a variant of the McIntosh known as the Pippin.

The documentation is all in Japanese and I can't plug it in so it
stays in the box. Unloved. Looks quite a nice machine and kinda
has the feel of the Dreamcast. Anyway here she is The PiPPiN.

PiPPiN Atmark

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