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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 4th January 2019: Post 02: Mitsubishi ML.F80 - Missing the vubble-yoo

Mitsubishi ML.F80 - Missing the vubble-yoo

The very wonderful Mitsubishi ML.F80. Or should I say the old toe
breaker. I have this computer leant against a table leg to keep
it out of harms way. Reason being that attached to the computer
is this bonkers thick cable and actual cassette tape machine from
Gordon Harwood no less. The tape has been hard wired into the
computer and the switch on the side of the machine has been
disabled. I am pretty good at not kicking computers, but plastic
bags with cassette machines wound up in a large cable is something
my toes just have a magnet for. Man does that hurt.

I knew I was having problems with this computer, with the loss of
the space bar and the letter 'v' so I thought this would be a good
time to go have a dig around. The computer is really banged up and
has taken a lot of ware from previous owners. She bares the scars
of some quite aggressive usage by the look of it. No matter.

I tested her again and sure enough there was no space bar or 'v'.
Nothing for it but to open up and go in. I found the keyboard easy
to remove and set too cleaning all around the space bar. I then
discovered the problem. At some point in its life the space bar
had come out of its slots and been put back incorrectly. Worse is
that the plastic tabs had been bent over. I retrieved the broken
off tabs and stuck them to the inside of the keyboard. I then spent
quite a long time cleaning all round the various affected keys.

Success.... I now had a working space bar and letter 'v'. Sadly
I lost the letter 'vubble-you' or 'w' and the MSX silly key. So
I went back in and transformed into a nano-bot and got the old mop
and bucket out. [ I can't back up that last bit ]. Having thoroughly
cleaned out the keyboard and got all the dead skin, hair, gunge,
food and unknown substances from around the keys, I was amazed to
find they all now worked. INCREDI-WUBBLE.

I do love MSX computers. They are so easy to use and give a very
rewarding little click on the buttons when you depress them.
That way you know for definite they are working. She may not be
pretty, but she is a little beauty to me. Even with a bruised toe.

ML-F80 made by Mitsubishi in Japan in 1983
Runs Microsoft Extended BASIC using a Z80A at 3.6 Mhz
Has 64 KB of RAM and 16 KB of VRAM with 32 KB ROM
Colours amount to 16 256 x 192 and 64 x 48
Sound uses a General Instruments AY-3-8910
3 channels and 8 octaves

I am troubled that last time I used this computer she was working
no problem. I kinda sense I may have kicked her accidentally causing
the damage to the space bar. I was quite saddened by this and so
have moved her to a safer spot. Poor thing.

Mitsubishi ML.F80

All working now ... Phew !!

Expression after I kicked her !!

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