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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 5th January 2019: Post 03: Acorn Mouse - Missing a button

Acorn Mouse - Missing a button

Tricky getting hold of the Acorn mice these days. You need the
three buttons. The left to select, the middle for the menus and
the right to confirm. I do have a few so when I discovered this
one to have lost its left button I decided to open up.

I discovered one of the spring poles broken. Also one of the wires
coming into the mouse is shredded . Needs rewiring. I will have
go at some time. Interestingly I was able to navigate quite a
lot of the interface with just the two buttons.

I tested an A3010 whilst I was at this and she was just fine.
Acorns are pretty bullet proof if you have removed the battery.

Acorn Mouse

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