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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 8th January 2019: Post 04: Amiga 1200 - Killing two birds

Amiga 1200 - Killing two birds

Not sure the title of this blog is correct but let me just say it
feels like that. I have spent a few days trying to get an A1200
working and failed on the keyboard. So I spent a good time last
night unscrewing the massive amount of screws to the back of the
Amiga keyboard and gave the membrane a thorough clean.

Didn't work.. so not sure if the keyboard is totally furked or
there is something wrong on the motherboard. I just didn't know.

So when I was looking over another 1200 with a broken Escape key
I thought I would use this other keyboard to fix and use the
opportunity to show how to remove a key from another board and
replace a broken one. Well that was the plan.

However, when I plugged in what I thought was the faulty keyboard
it turned out to work without fault. So I was robbed of the chance
to show you how take one of these apart.

So you see the two birds I speak of are the one being the keyboard
getting fixed on the lovely Christina and the other, settling once
and for all that the fault on the other Amiga is the motherboard.
That wasn't a result I was hoping for, but hey at least I know.

So what is next... That's easy. Tea and toast, silly question.

And the retro motto.... Tomorrow is just another day.

Interestingly I had forgotten I had taken the GVP Turbo out of this
computer and so got an error on boot. I resolved that by putting the
GVP controller in the storage drawers.

I also had stuck the broken key inside the case. Don't need that.

I have to say that I may have to review how I take pictures of
the monitor as the Lumix does struggle with the refresh rate.
Just seems to be getting worse and worse. The monitor is fine
it's just the bloody camera that's a load of crap. Like I've said
it's a shame I busted the Canon. But who can afford a couple of
hundred on cameras when you can get a load of retro for that.

This took me back. The Workbench is set up as it was in the
early nineties. There are even icons there which are amongst
the first I ever drew on the Amiga. Made me laugh that !!

Amiga 1200 - Killing two birds

My goodness she is working.. Well I never !!

I'm up one and down two keyboards today.


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