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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 11th January 2019: Post 01: Amiga Disks - The Amiga Pensieve

Amiga Disks - The Amiga Pensieve

I truly love Amiga disks. They are littered all round the place.
For the most part they are stored in stacked disk boxes sitting
on numerous shelves. At the last count I had 13301 disks in my
collection with the last being StereoMaster MicroDeal Amiga 1991.
All are catalogued and I use Notepad as a single file and just
use the search facility to find a disk. All boxes are numbered
so it takes me around two minutes to find any disk here.

I do view the disk as a way of trapping fragments of memory. Bit
like Dumbledore's Pensieve in Harry Potter. What is even more
wonderful is the efficient way sometimes information is stored
on a disk. Added to that you often get the artwork, readme files
and the joy of holding something in your hand that can be readily
and easily understood by the Amiga.

It's a little bit of a nonsense what folk say about the life
expectancy of a disk. If you have a well maintained floppy drive
and store your disks vertical in a dry environment in disk boxes
and inside plastic sleeves they will last a lifetime. I have
backed up the majority of all 13000 disks with no problem. All
my original disks from 1993 work. I can guarantee that. They
just never fall over.

I don't subscribe to downloading files and storing them like
trading cards on a computer. For a game to have meaning it has
to be the original disk, original box and original manual. There
is just so much satisfaction in actually having the whole package.
For me there is no greater joy than opening the game box, looking
at the artwork, thumbing the manual and inserting that disk.

I speak from a personal point of view. I also have endless HD
disks for the PC and similar for the Amstrad and Acorn computers.
Give me a floppy disk and I can achieve so much. Even if it did
fall over I can rescue some fragments from it.

So when I moved half a dozen disk boxes to get at some software
stored to the rear of the shelves I found myself as ever sifting
through disks and sticking them in the 1200 for a play. Happens.
I have been fortunate to have assembled collections of user's
disks. Many are numbered and labelled in a specific way. Often
little notes are folded into the sleeves of disks. I have whole
drawers filled with some users disks. Many copied disks and a
lot of original games and software. The demo disks are just
wonderful and capture the mood of an era.

Cover disks are so colourful and fun to study as you play the
content freshly de-crunched onto even more floppy disks. In truth
the Amiga does mean floppy disk. Give me a healthy click on an
Amiga and I can almost guarantee getting the computer to work.
The disk click represents the heart of the computer. For me
just having an Amiga clicking in the background is comfort enough.

So I took a 100 pictures of a very small selection of the disks
I have. They hold fragments of Amiga memory of times long gone
now. But opening them reveals more than you will ever glean
from an internet download.

Deep breath.

Amiga Disks - The Amiga Pensieve

Fun Fact: It takes 40 seconds for ADFBlitzer to
copy a disk. I have 13000 backed up. That's 520000 seconds
or 8666 minutes or 144 hours. So do an 8 hour day of
nothing else and it will take you 18 days solid. Trust
me it took a lot longer than that

Surprisingly that is only 13000 MB in truth. Very small.

100 disks per box gives 130 double disk boxes
Double disk boxes are the most common.

Again all boxes are labelled

The 1200s normally are under dust covers

Help.. I need more disk boxes !!!

And that's just my Amiga disks.. Go figure

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