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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 14th January 2019: Post 02: Amiga 1200 - Not quite dead

Amiga 1200 - Not quite dead

Quite a few years back I was given a couple of broken Amiga 1200s.
I managed to get one back working but the other I accepted was
beyond my ability to put right. So I placed a big sticker on the
base that she was dead. I had hidden this Amiga from view cus she
has sticky feet. No matter where she sits she sticks to everything.
The rubber has perished.

So today I decided to have a look inside. I was surprised to find
that the power light came on and I got a very small flicker of
life from the floppy drive. So I swapped over the ROMs as the only
chips I could replace from a socket, but made no difference.

I went on the search for all her missing bits and managed to put
the poor Amiga 1200 back together. Sadly not working. But with
just the faintest glimmer of life. Maybe one day... Maybe.

Amiga 1200 - Not quite dead

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