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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 18th January 2019: Post 01: Amiga 600 - Sad Day

Amiga 600 - Sad Day

Was a sad day yesterday. I spent most of it copying across my hard
drive contents from the dodgy Amiga 600 drive. I have to say it was
touch and go but in the end I succeeded.

Sometimes you just don't understand what possesses you to get on
and do things but I was determined to do this. Anyway, no sooner
had I completed the task, but set up the tripod to try and get some
pictures and noticed the poor A600 had lost the colour red.

I took her onto the bench suspecting the Microvitec monitor that
she was using and hooked up my main Amiga monitor. Sadly there was
no red anywhere. Things just went from bad to worse. The hard drive
just went pop. Nothing. Died completely. Next the computer went to
black as she tried to boot from floppy.

I decided to open up and check and remove the hard drive and the
small memory card and see if that helped. There is nothing I can
do electrically as the board only has the ROM socketed.

I powered back up and she refused to boot off floppy. I have tried
several Workbench disks, but none work. She gets to a point and
then throws up the recoverable alert. I fear this baby is a gonner.
We have an electrical failure on the board and it's beyond me.


Never mind. I had salvaged what I could in the time but she now
sits dormant. Makes me so sad.

Never mind. I never give up. But hey.... What can I say.

Amiga 600 - Sad Day

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