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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 21st January 2019: Post 02: Amiga Disk Expander

Amiga Disk Expander

Sorry but there is no way I can explain just how the very wonderful
Disk Expander works by Schatztruhe and created by Stefan Ossowski
cus in truth I have never used it. I guess in my day I must have
pretty well tried every thing else. Following on from my review of
Vidi-Amiga I thought I would mention the nightmare that was disk

From my frequent visits to the computer store to buy endless boxes
of floppy disks I started to think that the Amiga was a clever ploy
just top sell DD floppy disks. The guys at the counter of the shop
must have been rubbing their hands when they sold me the Amiga
knowing I would be in there nearly every other day for disks.

So the idea of archiving as a means to increasing disk space had
been implemented as soon as I could set up DOpus to run LHA. There
were also bits of software that could be used to convert the drive
drawers to be archives and so again reduce disk space. If you can
pick up a copy of Amiga Computing cover disk for September 1995
you will find a splendid piece of software called ARCHandler which
really did do what the featured software does.

The cost of MB storage was very high for a very long time. There
was none of the bottomless pits of storage you get today. Not sure
when things changed that dramatically, but I guess its when CD
burners came in and then the USB sticks.

Anyway if you want to read about the Amiga Disk Expander then
knock yourself out. For me it is just a reminder of the days when
computer storage was very very very very expansive.

By the way nothing dates the Amiga retro era more than the
use of the word ' DISK ' and not as is today ' DISC '. Whenever
I see the word disk it always conjures up so much for the Amiga

Amiga Disk Expander

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