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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 23rd January 2019: Post 01: Sound Sampling - Technosound Turbo

Sound Sampling - Technosound Turbo

Best 40 I ever spent on an Amiga gadget. The very splendid and so
small for what it did .. the Technosound Turbo 2 as in my case.
I just loved plugging this into my cassette deck and sampling stuff.
I would also take sounds from the video recorder. I would then mix
them into music sessions with Pro-Tracker and video mix in AMOS.

It really was so easy sampling sounds and the files were not that
big. I had this bit of software on the computer called Noisum and
it let me configure all my keyboard keys to play samples. So funny.

I do have three versions of the sound sampler and I wasn't at all
surprised to find a Vidi-Amiga unit in the actual sampler that I
purchased for my original Amiga. The two worked very close together.

I also have various other sampling devices and software such as
Stereo Master, Megalosound and Perfect Sound. All do the same thing
and there isn't much to choose between them. There are also so many
samples in circulation and demo tracks that let you take music and
sounds and play around with them. The opportunities are endless
when it comes to sounds and music.

I had a go setting up the Techno with a very old mini cassette
player but ran into a problem with the connector on the player as
there is a trick to getting it to play both stereo channels but
it needs both hands. So I was only able to record one track with
the Turbo, but it kinda demonstrates what I wanted to show here.

I actually want to have a further play with this so I dragged
another Amiga down off the bench to use in conjunction with a
sample bank that I have. Great fun today.

I once sampled nearly all the classic lines of Ghostbusters and
then keyed them into my Amiga keyboard. Magic.

So today's picture gallery features the TechnoSound Turbo in the
three forms I have from New Dimensions.

Sound Sampling - Technosound Turbo

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