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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 25th January 2019: Post 01: Amstrad CPC 6128 - Three of a kind

Amstrad CPC 6128 - Three of a kind

When I say three of a kind I actually mean that literally given
that I have three of these computers and I can only tell one from
the other by a scratch on the case and an orange sticker on the

Although I spend most of my days mucking around with Amigas, there
was a time I was a dedicated Amstrad user. My time with the PCW9512
lasted from 1987 thro to 1993 so a good length of time. I never
had any issue with Amstrad and I guess I did use CP/M more than
anything else in the day.

I was lucky also to have had a 1512 using GEM for a while and
still do use that particular make of computer with the HD20.

I am also a great fan of the 3 inch Compact Floppy Disc and that
is disc with a 'c'. My only regret was probably not getting a
6128 in the day cus it would have been a natural progression
what with the CP/M and BASIC. I guess money was a little tricky
in the late eighties and it wasn't until 1993 that I was able
again to buy another computer. The recession of 1990-92 was just
dreadful and a real struggle. Interestingly the UK government of
the day were at odds with Europe over monetary union and there
was a call to withdraw the UK from The Maastricht Treaty. Nothing
changes does it.

Anyway, I had noticed that the rear power line to the monitor on
one of the computers had somehow moved out of its slot so I needed
to open her up and put that straight. Each of these computers have
had the floppy drives mended and or the power switch repaired. I
am not sure if any of them were working properly. They are now.
I also had to mend both my DDI-1 external floppy drives and most
of the CPC464s. Add to that the repairs on two 9512s and 8657 to
get them working, so Amstrad has been a struggle to keep working.

The trick with any computer is to keep using it. And so I have my
Amstrad's set up to switch on each day. The three 6128s are rotated
around the same dedicated monitor and yes they all work.

So as I opened up the 6128 I took some photographs and also tested
the three machines for good measure. No problems. I don't have
many 3" disk games. I have the Red October box with the very
comforting face of Mr Sean Connery on the box generally lying
about. He really does have a relaxing way about him. Didn't play
any of the games but thought I would photograph them anyway.

So here is the very wonderful Amstrad 6128 including my well
thumbed manual that I refer to from time to time.

Amstrad CPC 6128 - Three of a kind

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