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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 28th January 2019: Post 02: CP/M - Digital Research blues

CP/M - Digital Research blues

Having played around for a while on the Amstrad 1512 I was again
moved by the incredible software produced by Digital Research. For
a while it was all I knew.

I think the whole saga with MS and CP/M is more than a little bit
sad. The wonderful efforts and work of Gary Kildall in the end was
for naught. Or so it seemed.

Anyway, I had intended doing a little bit of a feature but got very
very frustrated not being able to find some of my scribbles on the
blog. Anyway, as a consequence of that I decided it was about time
I took a long look at the 'INDEX' and try to reference the pages
a little better. So for the remainder of the month that is what
I propose doing.

I did check a couple of my C128 computers whilst I was fiddling
about with CP/M. As I have said so many times, for a good period of
my computer life CP/M was all that I used. So I do have fond and
now somewhat sad memories of this magical package of software.

CP/M - Digital Research blues

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