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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2020

Entry 2nd January 2019: Post 01: CUAmiga - April 93 and July 92.

CUAmiga - April 93 and July 92.

In a recent blog I featured the very wonderful AMOS and particularly
CUAmiga cover disk number 54. For days now I have been trying to
put the CUAmiga magazine away for April 1993 along with the very
wonderful July 1992 edition. Somehow though I just can't put them
down. For me they kinda sum up what life was like back then on the
Amiga. So colourful, so optimistic, so enticing and so innocent.
The magazines represent Pandora's Box, Aladdin's Cave and for me the
Amiga rabbit hole that just let me sink deeper and deeper, curiouser
and curiouser.

Not much to add, other than some images from the pages. Enjoy as I do.

CUAmiga - April 93 and July 92.


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