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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2020

Entry 5th January 2019: Post 01: Amiga 500 PSU - After the fire.

Amiga 500 PSU - After the fire.

Following advice by the fire department it was agreed to leave the
burnt out shell of the A500 PSU a few days before sending in the
accident emergency investigators. They have now completed a full
visual inspection of the remains and couldn't find any evidence of
fire on the surface.

The PSU was then removed to a safe area and carefully taken apart
in a fully fire protective room. The evidence from the surface did
not show there to be any fire or hazardous material. However from
close scrutiny of the rear of the PSU it was discovered that the
surface was coated in a foreign substance and a number of the main
power connectors and tracks appeared brown and possibly subjected
to high temperatures.

The senior investigator took me to one side and tried to calm me
down before disclosing that this probably was a capacitor issue.
I was so distraught and unable to speak for minutes as the horror
of having a failed capacitor in the collection began to sink in.
He said he was no expert but thinks that one or maybe two of the
PSUs capacitors may have drained out below the main board [ That's
the green thing in the pictures ] and a rogue empty capacitor could
have had the plates inside collide and that is what caused the
noise and then the smoke.

It was all too much for me. Several friends visited to console me
but I was too upset to take it all in. Eventually I braved the PSU
and viewed the horror for myself. Truly a sad and distressing event
and one that has scarred me for my Amiga life. Never before have
I witnessed first hand the destruction caused by a capacitor.

Anyway, I can no longer suffer the torment of capacitor hell, and
so I have gifted the whole computer retro collection to the local
charity shop. From this day forward I will collect only those things
that do not suffer such perils. So welcome to the scuzz ceramic
plate collection ....

Or not. Probably not. I can't really back that up. Suffice to say it's an 'x' PSU. 

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Amiga 500 PSU - After the fire.

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