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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2020

Entry 9th January 2019: Post 01: Piccolo SD64 Amiga graphics card.

Piccolo SD64 Amiga graphics card.

Every time I go a hunting through the tubs I find kit that I bought
for good reason and then just gave up and stored away. For an age
I had wanted a graphics card for the Amiga but never really found
a practical way of doing it on the 1200 with sticking my beloved
computer into a tower. Was never going to happen. And then in the
early 2000s I was lucky enough to get my first A4000d so went on
the hunt for a graphics card. So I purchased a couple before
finally settling for the PicassoIV. So all the others just went
into store. I doubt I have opened this Piccolo SD64 box more than
a couple of times in all the years of owning it.

The SD64 is a Zorro graphics card that has Zorro II and III auto
sensing. The problem for me was that it didn't have a scan doubler
for the flicker fixer. The port did come with a 9 pin to 15 pin
VGA pass through. With the card came the EGS Enhanced Graphics System
plus the paint package Picopainter.

The whole set up looked pretty cool from the product description but
when I used the Picasso II and then the Picasso IV I was pretty much
sold on that product. Shame really, but hey. Not the only graphics
card that finished up collecting dust. More to come.

Just as a point of interest the card did accommodate the display
drivers for CyberGraphX V2, V3 and V4, Picasso 96 and EGS.

Piccolo SD64 Amiga graphics card.

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