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Entry scuzzblog diaries: Post 01: Amiga - So how many Amigas do I own ?

Amiga - So how many Amigas do I own ?

So how many Amigas do I own ? I have been collecting Amigas for
a good period of time now. It all started out of fear of losing my
Amigas when Commodore went bust at the beginning of 1994. I very
quickly started to build up replacement stock to support my 500,
600 and 1200. And then it all got a bit out of hand. I don't
regret acquiring so much and would be very reluctant to part
with any in truth. Still love each and every one of them.

So don't emulate. Participate, and go get you hands on a real Amiga.
NO SERIOUSLY !! Please get an Amiga and stop me from hoarding them
all. Have fun.

And sorry...  I don't sell anything.

How many Amigas

I own 123 Amiga computers:

Amiga 1000	4 boxed 	07 computers
Amiga 500/500+	25x500/11x500+	36 computers
Amiga 2000/1500	7x2000/4x1500	11 computers
Amiga 600	3xWW/3xboxed	14 computers
Amiga 1200	See blog	31 computers
Amiga 3000	UX/Amax		03 computers
Amiga 4000	one tower	08 computers
Amiga CDTV	2xboxed		04 computers
Amiga CD32	2xboxed/SX32	04 computers
Amiga 3000T			02 computers
Amiga 4000T			01 computers
Checkmate	2x500/MC	02 computers

Total				123 Amigas

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