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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2020

Entry 17th January 2020: Post 01: Commodore C64C - The last short board.

Commodore C64C - The last short board.
The super sleek C64C with the very last revision to the board or
'short board ' owing to its reduced depth Rev B. Rather sad that
just at the time when Commodore refined the C64 to probably the
best and most simple internal design, it failed owing to being
just so long in the old tooth. The price hike didn't help and
devoted fans of the music keyboard preferred the old bread bin.

For me the C64C is a must for any retro enthusiast. They are truly
bullet proof and are low risk when it comes to board failures and
the like. They can support the full repertoire of C64 kit and games
and are lightweight, robust, easy to maintain and store well.

You can't beat the C64C for my money. I wouldn't be without mine.

The chips on the board from left to right ....

1 CIA identical to other CIA 6526A
2 and 3 ROM chips first combined kernel and BASIC the other is the character ROM.
4 Two RAM chips 32 KB each
5 CPU HMOS 8500 [ 6502 modified to a 6510 MOS ]
6 PLA Programmable Logic Array LH5062B [ 251715-01 ]
7 VIC 2 II 8565R2 graphics chip
8 - 8580R5 TED sound
9 - CIA 6526A parallel serial keyboard joystick.

36-39 week of 1991 or around late September 1991

C64C from Commodore U.S.A. designed as a home computer.
Year of launch was 1987 though this machine is Sept 1991.
The built in language is Commodore BASIC V2.0
The keyboard is a full stroke 65 keys plus 4 function keys.
The CPU was the 6510 with this computer having the 8500.
The Co-Processor  is the VIC II (Video) and the SID (sound).
RAM is 64 KB and ROM 20 KB.
The sound has 3 voices/9 octaves, 4 waveforms.
Supports both Cassette Drive and or 5.25" and 3.5" floppy. [ 1581 ]

Originally shipped with GEOS.

Commodore C64C - The last short board.

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