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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2020

Entry 20th January 2020: Post 01: Amiga 3000T - Monolith with feet.

Amiga 3000T - Monolith with feet.

So why do I never feature the A3000T or 4000T ? Simple really, cus
they are so bloody heavy. Particularly the 3000T. I have two of
these A3000T beasts tucked away in odd corners and under dust
sheets. The A4000T hasn't shifted in over a decade. For me they
are slabs of Amiga rock, dormant and of historical worth only.
May sound a bit cruel, but I just don't have any need for the
computers for daily use, and dragging them out just to fire them
up is a real chore. And so some years back I decided to write all
three of them off as working computers and am happy to store them
as Amiga 'monoliths', examples of what a big box Amiga looks like
but with no intention to ever fire them up again.

My first A3000T cost me 100 and was sold by a guy who was actually
selling me an A2000 for 15 if I recall. The 3000T was sitting 
behind a door and the guy asked if I wanted it. At that time I 
wasn't sure what a 3000T was but bought it all the same.

My second 3000T was an Ebay auction and I won that for around 350
with monitor etc. I had to drive all the way to Stoke on Trent for 
that computer. It has been switched on once I think. Worked fine. 
I use the Iiyima on the A1200 tower.

The A4000T was bought from an advert on Amibench and cost me 750.
It is fully loaded with cards along with the fastest Cyberstorm
ever made. The computer didn't work for years until one day I
reseated the Cyberstorm and she fired up and worked a charm. And 
that was the last day she ever worked. Now she sits as another 
Amiga monolith, never to be used again. I do have a spare brand 
new never used A4000T case from Germany.

The 4000T was a long journey for me as I travelled from the south 
coast to Darlington way up in the north. In those days I acquired 
most of my Amiga kit off Amibench.

And so to the purpose of this post. I was sifting through books
the other day and came across the A3000T service manual. Great
read and certainly without the A3000T set up I enjoyed reading
about the computer. I have never seen the 3000 series as part of
the Amiga line. They tend to stand on their own. Bit like the
Amiga 1000. For me the Amiga timeline was A500/500 Plus - A600 -
A1200 and A4000. I think if I could only have three Amigas I
would have an A500,A1200 and A4000. For years I had just an A1200 
and A500.

The A3000T up here is very useful. It has my PlayStation3 sitting
on top of it. So as a monolith it has some use. And both my 3000Ts
have their original feet. Not very practical as they are a trip
hazard. I mean seriously this thing is never gonna fall over.

Amiga 3000T - Monolith with feet.

Commodore Amiga 3000T


A3000T A3000T A3000T A3000T

a3000t a3000t a3000t

A3000T_feet manual

The feet of an A3000T - A3000T Manual

My second A3000T

A3000T A3000T A3000T A3000T

Enter the new A3000T... And then that picture of them both

A3000T A3000T A3000T A3000T

The battery safely removed from the A3000T. Pictures of Cyberstorm.

A3000T A3000T A3000T A3000T

More pictures of the new A3000Ts motherboard

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