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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2020

Entry 21st January 2020: Post 01: Beneath a Steel Sky - Amiga game.

Beneath a Steel Sky - Amiga game.

What an absolutely fantastic name for a game. There was seriously
no way that I wasn't going to buy this game. The minute it arrived
in the shop I was in there. Black silky box that basically just
begged my imagination to open.

This game came on 15 disks which took an age to load. Saying that
when I now reflect on current games in their multitude of gigabytes
I do marvel at how much was crammed onto such small little disks.

This game opens with your character Robert Foster escaping the
wreckage of a crashed helicopter. You have been kidnapped or
abducted by security services and now you must evade them and
search for clues as to why you were brought to Union City. I shall
say no more for fear of giving away the plot.

And so I can well recall the endless nights coming home from work
and firing up the Amiga and sinking into the depths of Union City.
I do miss the essence of puzzle solving in modern games. Today it
is more about the amount of things you can kill and very little

Beneath the Steel Sky was featured on an Amiga Format cover disk
and was covered by a full review. Some weeks later Amiga Format
published a two part walk through which I seriously only ever
studied when I was completely lost. In the day games like these
had a phone line to ring when you needed a clue. Amazing really.

Here then are some images of the box work, the Amiga Format review
and the Walk Through for those interested.

Beneath a Steel Sky - Amiga game.

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