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Entry 2nd January 2021: Post 1: Atari 600XL - Disturbing times.

Atari 600XL - Disturbing times.

These are most disturbing times. For me to access a number of my
larger computers, including the Apple ][, I have to move quite a
few smaller kit around. As I do so I take the opportunity to take
pics of the disturbed computers. I do apologise for this.

Next up on the very disturbed list is the Atari 600XL.

The Atari 600XL made by Atari in the States in 1982. 39 years ago.
The computer was withdrawn from service in the January of 1089.
Uses Atari BASIC running on a MOS 6502C at 1.77MHz. [ 1.79 NTSC ]
The machine has a GTIA for video and a POKEY for sound I/0.
RAM is just 16KB though the 600XL can give up to 64KB. ROM is 24KB.
There are five text modes max 40 by 24 and min 20 by 12.
Graphics modes were 16 with a max 320 x 192. Colours 256 [16 cols]
Sound was able to handle 4 voices at 3.5 octaves.
The unit has a composite, cartridge, peripheral (SIO), parallel and
for gaming has the two joysticks.
To power the 600XL requires an external power supply.

For a computer made in 1982, when you consider the Sinclair Spectrum
and the Commodore bread bucket of the same era, it was a pretty
sleek and nifty machine. I prefer the computer just on pure size.
However I think the usage would have been pretty limiting in the
long run. This is where the nerds path really diverges and sadly for
Atari users they would have been lumbered with the ST. But for C64
users the option of the C128 and then the Amigas was the way to go.
I guess Mr Sugar would have hoped his later Amstrad range would have
sustained Sinclair users, however this was a failed adventure. Sad
cus I'm an Amstrad man and enjoyed the platform.

Anyhoo sorry for the pics. Don't blame me, blame Atari.

Atari 600XL - Disturbing times.

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