ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2021

Entry 3rd January 2021: Post 1: Commodore 1084 - Monitor.

Commodore 1084 - Monitor.

I shifted the last item that gave me access to the computer I
wanted to have a play with. This last object was the Commodore
1084 monitor. And no need to get in a flap the control covers on
all my monitors seem to get removed. They just get in the way.

The 10XX.x range of monitors cover quite an array of monitors
and not only supported the Amiga but also the Commodore range of
machines like the C64. Very often they had integral speakers and
all sorts of options for both connectors and display types. I
guess they are getting rare these days. I have a few busted
monitors in boxes. You never know, one day they could be fixed.

Commodore 1084 - Monitor.

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