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Entry 4th January 2021: Post 1: Amiga 2000 - Coaxing that hard drive.

Amiga 2000 - Coaxing that hard drive.

I was trying to explain on one of the forum sites just how to
coax a stuck hard drive on a card within an Amiga 2000 by standing
the computer vertical and hitting the thing with the rubber end of
a screwdriver. To prove the point I again removed my A2000 with
the dodgy hard drive from store and stood her for a good thirty
minutes before tapping lightly with the screwdriver.

Nothing happened. I left her running a while longer.

I then laid her flat on the bench and fired her up and like magic
the drive sprang into gear. I never doubted it. Has been a touch
cold where I store her so maybe that was the reason. Below are
the videos of the before and after.

The other reason for opening up the A2000 was again to show that
support plate for the A2000 which is the subject of the second
blog for today. Fascinating.


Before and then After

Amiga 2000 - Coaxing that hard drive.

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