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Entry 5th January 2021: Post 1: Amiga RAM boards - Amitek Hawk, Magnum, Micronik RCA.

Amiga RAM boards - Amitek Hawk, Magnum, Micronik RCA.

Three problem RAM boards. Not only will having 8MB RAM onboard
cause issues with the PCMCIA but in my case, two cause the machine
to lock up and the third just point blank stops the hard drive
booting. So all three have RAM issues and I sense it's the chips and
or the 72 pin SIMM. Not sure.

I have tried these cards in so many A1200s with the same results.
Batteries were fitted. Memory cards swapped out and jumpers reset.
Sadly they always fail. They can work for a while but then stop.

Amitek Hawk M1207 Issue B: Boots fine and the memory is seen on
the A1200. Fire up a JPG and the colours are just evil. Compare
the colours with the same image without the card. Eventually the
computer just locks up. No matter what I do.

Magnum RAM 8: She either boots and then locks up or just refuses
to boot giving a flashing power light. I have had varied success
with this card and sometimes can use it for long periods but when
she starts to fail she just locks up all the time.

Micronik RCA120: Useless even trying. The card just causes the HD
to lock up and displays a steady yellow drive light. When this card
fell over it stayed fell over. It has no memory and cannot recall
what happened to it.

All three cards are what you call RAM/FPU/RTC and although without
the FPU gave a good boost to the A1200 performance so well worth
getting the extra memory if you can. I am fortunate cus I fought
very hard to get acceleration on all my A1200s that I use. I just
wouldn't use an Amiga 1200 without the speed boost plus a minimum
of 8MB RAM. A stock A1200 is OK for gaming but for serious usage
and particularly file management and animation/image display, it
really does need the extra memory and the accelerator if possible,

An A1200 also has to have a hard drive. They just are so poor without
the benefit of the Workbench on tap. Disk swapping is not a hobby
of mine.

Anyhoo the boards are back in the boxes. I do wish that SIMM card
manufacturers had chosen to actually print what the card was on
the SIMM. I mean how difficult would it have been to print the
size and speed of the RAM on the card. I have tried to decipher so
many cards based on online guides but seriously they make no sense.
All I know is they are 72pin. That is about the sum of information.

Amiga RAM boards - Amitek Hawk, Magnum, Micronik RCA.

Amitek Hawk M1207

Magnum RAM8 W1207

Micronik RCA120

Amitek Hawk M1207

Image with the board fitted.

Computer then locks up.

Image without board.

Magnum RAM8 W1207

Diagnostic test finds it defective.

Computer locks up.

Micronik RCA120

Hard drive just locks up.

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