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Entry 7th January 2021: Post 1: Amiga-500 Plus - Simple rib tickling Cool World.

Amiga-500 Plus - Simple rib tickling Cool World.

This was yesterday, but hey. All great plans and that !! I had
hoped to parade this A500 Plus that I had brought back from the
dead all those years ago, but it didn't go according to plan.

First up, never be ashamed of the colour of your Amiga. It's just
a state of mind. It is sad that 'Toobers' and forum bloggers make
such a big deal about 'restroshiting' and destroying the outer
layer of the Amiga's surface. Not my style and not something I
care about. What I do care about is keeping the computer clean,
functional and very much in the state it was during its short
but fruitful lifetime.

And so first port of call are those blasted rib slots. So I spend
a good while with a cotton bud suitably moist and squished and I
slide the bud up and sown the slots and then finish off with a
cocktail stick. The trick is to keep the computer covered. I use
simple kitchen roll to cover ports, expansion slots and keyboards.

I keep notes on all my machines on the rear when I do work on
them. Last time I used this computer I was getting an intermittent
fault on booting so wanted to check that out. I have like over
thirty A500s and many are stacked like toy soldiers. I placed a
dot on the port so I could easily and speedily retrieve the A500.

To celebrate today it was my intention to play Cool World. Based on
the part real, part animated film featuring Kim Basinger and Brad
Pitt I removed the box from store. Cool World wasn't the only film
to feature the real and anim mix. There was also my favourite
Roger Rabbit. Whilst I have the video and comics I do not have
the game for the Amiga. Odd that.

Anyhoo... you would think I was set to go. Sadly it did not go well !!!
I kinda slipped and finished up like Roger, rubbing my head.

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Amiga-500 Plus - Simple rib tickling Cool World.

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