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Entry 10th January 2021: Post 1: Commodore VC 1541 - What the VIC!.

Commodore VC 1541 - What the VIC!.

Evidently the word 'VIC' in Germany, with a 'V' pronounced as a 'F'
can be somewhat vulgar. The more believable story is that the use
or not of the 'I' meant that the computer could be dubbed as the
'Volks'Computer much like the car of a similar name. Meaning the
computer of the people/folk. You make your own mind up.

I actually like the badging of the VIC/VC 1541 and I know for a
while it was replicated on some of the early Commodore computers.
If you find one then maybe you could give me a ring.

If you wanted a comparison of size for these things then simply
sit your VIC or C64 on top to see that they are the same size.
What is more, the floppy drive works as a smart device and with
its own DOS system it kinda works like an independent computer.
The drive also has its own memory and processor. Many were hacked
and chipped to improve speed and upgrade the operating system for
the drive. They really were that clever.

The 1541 was a leap forward for its predecessor and although not that
fast it really proved to be a most reliable drive. The drive itself
uses the 5.25" 170K single sided, single density disks and runs on
CBM DOS 2.6. If you can get an early one with the white casing then
they do go a lot better with the V'Cin computer. [ See what I did
there ] No offence.

The drive benefits from a serial bus and cable which true to its
name lets you daisy chain in series.

One word of caution when buying and getting shipped one of these
drives. DON'T. Go collect it. I have had so many drives damaged
in transit. I'm sure people think they are made of metal. They
fracture so easily. I have had to acquire not one or two but often
three units before I got one that was not damaged.

Also if you opt for a 1541-II then make sure you get the power
supply that came with it. They are a pig to get hold of. And also
remember that the power supply connector for the VIC-20 is not the
same as the VC-20. Just saying. VIC [squarr] - VC [circliar]. That's
Cartman speak.. Been one of those kinds of days. 'Interesting'.

Commodore VC 1541 - What the VIC!.

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