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Entry 15th January 2021: Post 1: Amiga 1200 - Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Board.

Amiga 1200 - Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Board.

I have five of these boards the last time I counted, could be six.
They are all in use and are the most stable and dependable of all
the Amiga accelerator boards. The other accelerators I have such
as the GVP, Typhoon and Apollo are very good but sometimes they
can conflict with some games and PCMCIA sockets and cards. The
Blizzard has always proven trouble free and is my weapon of choice.

You always know if you have a Blizzard fitted to the Amiga cus
when you boot up you get a blue series of stripes across the screen.

Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Board 1995 phase 5 digital products. This
is a high performance accelerator board for the Amiga 1200 with a
50MHz 68030 processor and MMU  for performance increases between

The board supports autoconfiguring memory and optional MAPROM for
copying the operating system into memory. The board also has a
socket for the 68882 maths co-processor with 50MHz clock rate.

DMA expansion connectivity for upgrading of the Blizzard with
expansion modules such as the Blizzard fast 1230-IV SCSI-II

The board has a battery backed up clock.

For memory the Blizzard requires a 32 bit-SIMM single or double
sided 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 and 128 MB. SIMM speed grade of 70ns -
(nanoseconds) or faster.

The 060 disks are not for the 1230. They just happened to be
in one of the boxes when I opened it. There was never a disk for 
the 1230 to my knowledge. May be wrong.

Amiga 1200 - Blizzard 1230-IV Turbo Board.


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