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Entry 17th January 2021: Post 1: Checkmate 1500 - MegaChip, ECS AGNUS and Denise.

Checkmate 1500 - MegaChip, ECS AGNUS and Denise.

Someone made a comment the other day that an Amiga 2000 was just
an Amiga 500 in a tin box. Interestingly the 1500 Checkmate has
the Amiga 500 inside a tin box and so comes pretty close.

I was discussing the other day the AGNUS and Denise in respect of
ECS and the way Sysinfo records the chip memory. So I decided to
fire up the Checkmate and check just how SysInfo would pick up
the AGNUS with the MegaChip. It basically reports the 2MB AGNUS
as ECS along with the Denise and then goes on to detail the chip
ram as 1.5MB. Which is the main board mod plus the expansion as
the board has been modified.

I took the time to go on a speed tour of the drives. She has the
two external drives XT and SCSI plus a 5.25" floppy and traditional
A1000 style floppy drive.

I would say that short of the expansion bus slots for the Zorro II
etc the Checkmate is as close as you are going to get to an A500
in a 2000 case that performs very much the same.

Anyway that was a long way round saying she's working fine.

Checkmate 1500 - MegaChip, ECS AGNUS and Denise.



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