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Entry 21st January 2021: Post 1: Apple - iMac.

Apple - iMac.
I entered the white room with white floor with white rug, white
furniture and a single glass topped table. On the table was a
white porcelain dish in which sat a single white pebble. The
end wall was fully glazed overlooking a sand filled garden cast
with a large spherical stone with a single hole within. The
garden was walled and dressed in smokey sandstone roughcast and
laid to precise patterning. The head of the wall had a Portland
white coping. Nothing stirred and all was quiet.

Off to one alcove in the lounge there sat a perfectly square maple
table of 3" square legs upon which sat a blue tint turquoise
computer and clear keyboard. The table top was clear glass and
nothing but a mouse littered this workspace.

The computer was an iMac. Hardly surprising given how sterile
and boring this house was.

I was going to say something about the quality of this machine
that I had to lump out onto the bench to see if she was working.
Certainly one of those computers I wouldn't mind packing up for
good to save me having to get the thing out.

She worked fine. The battery is dead. I did giggle when she
locked up trying to open one of my pages from a CD that I had
created on the Win7 machine to check the drive. Poor thing.
Just doesn't understand the term offline... still tries even
though it obviously can't. Windows machines don't do that.

Anyhoo sorry for the picture quality. It's only a Mac so not
really important. And you probably guessed... not a fan.

I love the line in Big Bang when Sheldon says .. ' You know
what is interesting about caves Leonard? .... Nothing. '. Kinda
how I feel about Apple products. Sorry for that.

PS The opening comment demonstrates how some fashion their world
to avoid anything being inserted that would conflict with the
authors original purpose and desire. The slightest thing brought
into the white room would immediately look out of place. The aim
is to impress on the visitor the qualities of the owner whether
valid or not. Same with a Mac.... or 'do as I do' and be the Mac
and everyone will be impressed. You don't need to do anything.We
are happy for you to occupy our world........ But don't mess.

If you want some technical detail on the computer try Googling.
I'm off to play Underworld with Lara. Way more interesting.

Apple - iMac.

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