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Entry 24th January 2021: Post 1: Acorn A3010 - And we're back.

Acorn A3010 - And we're back.
I was so troubled the other day with the failure of the A5000 that
I started this blog for the Acorn A3010 and never finished it. Sad
really cus the little A3010 deserved better.

Back to business... I have a few of these A3010 machines and I
removed the batteries a while back so I just check them every now
and then to see if they are working. Good news is that they were.

I also checked the Acorn 3000.  She was fine.

That was all ...

I did use my mono Amstrad monitor to check out the computer so
that is why there is no colour. Two birds and all that, worth
checking both.

Acorn 'Archimedes' 3010. The 'A' is for the Archimedes though the
name does not appear on the computer from now on.
The machine was made by Acorn in the UK in 1992.
Runs on BBC/BASIC though boots into RISC OS3.
The processor is an ARM 250 32-Bit RISC at 12 MHz.
RAM is 1MB up to 4MB and ROM 1MB. Configurable RAM.
Graphics generally the VGA 640x256 or SVGA 800x600.
Has an eight voice synthesizer.
Ports include Centronics, RS423, VGA plus rear expansion slot.
The unit has one 3.5" 1.6MB floppy drive. Green button.
Function keys on this changed to green from the BBC red.
Power is inside the computer so just the plug and switch. Cool.

Fun value. Bloody excellent. The computer boots from the power
up with no floppy and presents a very usable graphical interface.
If the CMOS battery has been removed just hit the DELETE or the
'R' key and she boots into the system. May take a while. The unit
also has a very handy reset switch.

It is possible to fit hard drives but you need the interface unit.  

Acorn A3010 - And we're back.

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