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Entry 25th January 2021: Post 1: Amiga 500 - BayBench and Newlook.

Amiga 500 - BayBench and Newlook.
I became a little puzzled the other day working on the A500 Plus
with the ROM switcher. I was attempting to use my BayBench disk,
the one I created myself to replace WB1.3 and it crashed. The
error message pointed to something called 'Newlook' and so I needed
to find out what had happened.

Seems that 'Newlook' was a tool in 'C' that came with the January
1990 cover disk of Amiga Computing. The idea is to change the
appearance of the 1.3 screen to give it a refreshing ' Newlook'.
Sadly this will not work with the later ROMs. I tried and It really
is only 1.3 friendly.

Anyhoo I removed the line from the Startup-Sequence and it worked
fine on all my Workbench versions. Just that I used the cover disk
from Amiga Computing to not only create the BayBench disk but also
to advise others on how to do the same. So if anyone actually did
create a disk and you are using a post 1.3 system you just need to
remove the 'Newlook' tool and edit the call up line from Startup.

Sorry about that.

There is a version of 'Newlook' on Aminet and it explains that it
gives a 2.04 look to your 1.3 system. Not sure if it works. Worth
a try I guess. The disk still works on the emulator in any version
so it seems to ignore any conflict with 'Newlook'.

I was intrigued to see !Newlook appear on a video for the Acorn
5000. And the guy explains how it gives the Acorn a new look. Not
at all sure if the two are related.

Finally I show the disk pages from Amiga Computing. I do not like
bending or creasing the magazine so sorry about the poor scans as
the page folds stop accurate scanning. 

Happy days.  

Amiga 500 - BayBench and Newlook.

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