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Entry 29th January 2021: Post 1: Amiga game Curse of Enchantia - Core Design Limited

Amiga game Curse of Enchantia - Core Design Limited

Core have to be one of my most favoured video game creators, what
with Banshee and Lara Croft. This was quite a popular game in 1992
and spawned a real classic of a game in the name of Universe. The
story follows a modern day teenager who is abducted by an evil
witch to a world called Enchantia. From there he has to escape.

Like many games of this type it's a point and click puzzle solver
which uses the right click to access the icon bar along the base
of the screen. The main control icons give access to all the usual
adventure based actions including inventory.

I featured this game today so I could show the part game guide that
I recently uncovered. Sadly that is all I have.

As ever when on the 500 I just find myself gravitating to Lemmings.
Dunno why. I guess it's cus I just can't spare the time to play a
longish game and the Lemmings box sits next to the computer. Two
Tribes or Tribes 2.. Lemmings 2 The Tribes ...who cares. ' Let's go '.

The last couple of pics are just for my reference as it shows the
A500 status in respect of Agnus, Denise and Chip RAM.

Anyhoo Enchantia was developed by Core and designed by Robert Toone
Ian Sabine and Chris Long. Graphical work by Rolf Mohr, Billy Allison
and Stuart Atkinson with music by none other than NUKE Martin Iveson.

OK music now ..  Cowboy number one .. !! Well 'ard.

Amiga game Curse of Enchantia - Core Design Limited

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