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Entry 30th January 2021: Post 1: Power XL Drive - Recognising the larger drive

Power XL Drive - Recognising the larger drive

Someone recently asked me how to spot a Power XL Drive from an
ordinary external double density drive. The truth is that other
than its length being longer there is no way of knowing. To prove
this I emptied my bottom shelf surplus drives and stood them one
on top of another. The XL drive is the one that is longest. Sadly
you will need other drives o compare to prove this point.

I have a number of  the 1760K/1440K drives but unfortunately the
one shown here does not work. That is why it is confined to the
stack of unused external floppy drives. The drive did use to work
but one day it just stopped functioning. So I labelled it as such
and junked it. I did check the drive a few years ago but no luck.

Thes last couple of days I have been testing the drive again and
cleaning the heads. She is being recognised as the bigger capacity
and will format up to the point of being initialised. At that 
point in the cycle to bombs out and becomes a none DOS disk.

I was about to put the drive away but as I was testing she again 
kicked out completely and was lifeless. I reflected on matters
and decided to have another go... but tomorrow which is today.

i did stop using DD disks quite early on in the Amigas life of 
1994 and moved over to HD disks. Consequently I do have a lot of
HD disks. Drawers full of them. They were all transferred to ZIP
and then CD to are pretty useless to me. Would be nice to have 
another drive available. 


Power XL Drive - Recognising the larger drive

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