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Entry 31st January 2021: Post 1: Amiga 1200 v PC 386SX - No challenge

Amiga 1200 v PC 386SX - No challenge

In 1995 I was working in an office where everyone used a PC with
AutoCAD drawing large commercial projects. We were all networked
to a main computer and ran Windows for Workgroups. It was for the
most part a lifeless boring environment. I recall there was a
phone on the desktop and the secretary would use it to send us
notes like ' The boss has gone out.. whoopee ' and or do I want a
drink of tea. Everything was done on the computer.

We ran AutoCAD 11 if I recall on a Windows system. I've used all
the applications from this point and the software is incredibly
expensive especially when you have to provide it for two dozen
or more staff.

The guys in the office were mad on the PC and the buzz was double
speed CD-ROM drives and the new Pentium 90s that we were getting.
The one guy was trying to give me a bootleg version of XTREE-Gold
but I kept telling him I didn't have a PC.

Lunchtimes I would venture into town and to the second hand computer
store. I would buy my Amiga magazines and visit the new Escom shop
though it sold no Amigas.

The one guy invited me to his house to see his shiny new PC complete
with CD-ROM. He was keen to show me spreadsheets, word processors
and CAD software all of which he obtained from dubious sources. I
truly found the whole thing to be so boring. Some how he invited
himself to look at my Amiga. The day was a sunny Sunday and he came
in Bermuda shorts and a large hockey shirt and dark glasses trying
to look cool. He looked at the Amiga and had a rye smile. Then I
fired up Pro-Tracker and Octamed and other music programs. I put
together a music track from bits of samples we recorded. I showed
him how I copied videos from my twin video players and how I was
able to scan images using a video camera. But the thing that moved
him most was the ease at which I could create animations. I showed
him some of my programs using AMOS and then the final icing I played
some games.... I couldn't get rid of the bloke.

The next week I returned from lunch carrying my copy of Amiga Format
and went to get a cup of tea. I returned and he was reading the
magazine. Finally he understood why an Amiga was way better than
a PC in the  day. He hadn't realised that they could be entertaining
as well as a business machine.

Anyhoo... I saw this article in the magazine about a head to head
with an Amiga 386SX which made me giggle. I have one of these PCs
which interestingly had the barrel battery and I removed it. I have
never really understood how folk get excited about spreadsheets
and MS-DOS. It has always puzzled me. On this matter I can give
my views without even batting an eyelid. The Amiga will always win
hands down cus its fun to use and wants to entertain. The PC on the
other hand always comes across like a smug self-appreciating dick
head and kinda sums up my life in that architects office. Why on
earth would I want to do things in my own time that I do at work
all day long. What a sad way to exist.

OK rant over... There was an interesting article about Amiga
monitors which I found iuseful. Sadly my investigations were
cut short as I found Balance of Power just lying there. I mean
what can you do..... Have fun like I always do.

Happy days.

Amiga 1200 v PC 386SX - No challenge

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