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Entry 13th January 2022: Post 1: Blood Money - Disk swapping issues.

Blood Money - Disk swapping issues.

I was going to feature this blog back in December but sadly we lost
Ian Hetherington, one of the original founders of Psygnosis and it
but a bit of a dampener on things. Ian was very much involved with
Lemmings and Wipeout in the day and I fondly remember Shadow of the
Beast II. Such a sad loss to the Amiga world.

Anyhoo the problem with Blood Money is that it wasn't recognising
the second disk or so it seems. So I dragged out the game and fired
up the 500. Sure enough with the disk in the external drive it just
refused to find the disk. The clue was on the screen requester which
specifically asked for the disk to be placed in Drive 0. So I took
the first disk out and replaced with the second and all was fine.

And so if you are running this game on the emulator you will need
to eject the first disk and replace with the second.

One point of interest is that this game was the successor to the
Psyclapse game Menace. I understand that Psyclapse was used for
some of their earlier releases. There was a never to be released
game for the C64 called Psyclapse. Odd one that.

Interestingly some years back I purchased some relatively rare
Psygnosis games from Jamie Woodhouse, I guess, who worked at the
offices of Psygnosis ..

[ quote ]

These Amiga Games were given to me by the ever so kind
Psygnosis, way back when I developed the game Nitro for
them. No kiddin' This is 100% genuine (not like all those
other 100% genuine claims on eBay that smell like funny fish).

No seriously, I honestly am the developer of Nitro (for Atart ST
and Commodore Amiga). Later on I developed Qwak and ATR
for Team 17, since then it's been hard and the world of video
games seemed to become so soul-less.

[ end quote ]

I do believe that the art work of Psygnosis is classic and all of
their games are also a work of art. The quality of the product is
just excellent and I would certainly recommend any games collector
trying to get hold of the original boxes if they can.

Thanks to Lemon Amiga for a couple of the game screen shots. I
am unable to capture moving objects with my camera.

Blood Money - Disk swapping issues.

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