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Entry 14th January 2022: Post 1: Amiga Computing - Pocket Companion.

Amiga Computing - Pocket Companion.

One of the many joys of buying Amiga magazines in the day was the
free booklets that often were attached to the cover, or simply
fell in your lap as you opened the pages. One such gem was the
Pocket Companion presented with Amiga Computing September 1992.
Sadly these booklets tend to get overlooked and so I thought for
today I would scan the pages in and show them on the blog. I also
include the cover disk for the month which includes LHA.

Amiga Computing Pocket Companion:

The top fifty productivity packages for word processing, databases,
spreadsheets, paint packages, sequencers and ray-tracers and more.

A most informative guide to the packages of the day back then.

Amiga Computing No 35.

Amiga Computing - Pocket Companion.

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