ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2022

Entry 14th January 2022: Post 2: Dyna Blaster and Atomic Robo-Kid.

Dyna Blaster and Atomic Robo-Kid.

Just a couple of gaming suggestions you may want to try. The first
is Dyna Blaster which looks rather simplistic but in truth takes a
little bit of skill to master. Atomic Robo-Kid on the other hand 
takes little or no skill to master. I just thought that given I had
featured a few other more popular scroller shooters I would give a
mention to 'Robo-Kid' which tends to get overlooked. I have these
next to the A500 so never long before I'm having a 'BLAST'.

Dyna Blaster and Atomic Robo-Kid.

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