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Entry 16th January 2022: Post 1: Liberation Captive II - Not in the same Universe.

Liberation Captive II - Not in the same Universe.
I have to make an admission regarding this game and that is I like
never ever played it. It wasn't cus I hadn't intentionally bought
the game, it's just that I had what I guess you can call a 'mental
block' when it came to recognising the game. For years I would pick
up the box and my brain would see the game 'Universe'. Maybe it
was cus the game box had the same feel to it. What was worse is
that having convinced myself that this game box was 'Universe', each
time I saw images of the game I would quickly assume it was the
game 'Universe'.

Recently I started a feature about games I have never played and
even after all these years I pulled out the box from the shelf, as
if I was removing a book from a library shelf, and quickly pushed
it back into its slot having said in my mind 'Universe' played it.
Only when I found the actual Universe box some half a dozen boxes
to its side did I decide to pull out the Liberation box again. It
was then that I realised my stupidity. I even have the CD32 version
and it has never twigged with me they are different games.

Anyhoo...  Liberation is a 'cyberpunky' type of game in which you
travel through a multitude of buildings to find and free some
prisoner once you have gathered the necessary clues. It was devised
primarily for the CD32 given the amount of music and lengthy cut
scenes. It was created by Byte Engineers and published by Mindscape.
Fundamentally it's a detective type of game and so from my perspective
would have been a highly suitable game for me to play. Whether I
ever get round to it is another matter.

Hopefully by making a point of showing the game here today I can
finally remedy my 'mental block' and register the game of Liberation
not being the game 'Universe'. That's all I wanted to say. Sadly I
am unable to review the game as I have never played it. Like ever.

'Let justice be done though the heaven's fall' - William Watson

Liberation Captive II is a Byte Engineers Game.

Produced by Tony Lazzerini
Game Design: Tony Crowther and Ross Goodley.
Script: Kim Blake and Ross Goodley.
Graphics: Herman Sarrano, Tony Crowther, Ross Goodley, Andy Allenson
and Shamsul Rosunally.
Animation: Tony Crowther, Andy Allenson and Ross Goodley.
Music Composed by: Mark Knight.
Copyright 1993 Tony Crowther and Ross Goodley. Published by Mindscape.

Liberation Captive II - Not in the same Universe.

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