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Entry 30th January 2022: Post 2: Gaming - Hacker and Hacker II.

Gaming - Hacker and Hacker II.
Hacker is one of those games that was featured on any number of
platforms. It did eventually find its way onto the Amiga in 1985.
I haven't been able to get the first version working as yet and
sense it needs the trusty Amiga 1000.

A little while back I was trying to resolve a problem with a C64
datassette and used this game to check out the head alignment. In
doing so I again got hooked into the game. It is such a shame
that modern games makers are not as creative as the guys of the
8 Bit era. This game lets you hack into the surveillance cameras
of a secret establishment and then mobilise a MRU equipped with
a Remote Optical Analyser, to access filing cabinets to gain a
code, which eventually gives you access to the vault.

You use the controls on the monitors to evade detection. If seen
your MRU robotic scutter gets instantly squished.

I have the game on a Commodore Format Power Pack tape. I also
have both versions on the Amstrad CPC 464. Sadly I don't have the
original disks for the Amiga, though I do keep looking.

Interestingly as I was scanning the building I am sure I saw
secret agent Clara on the screens. 

Gaming - Hacker and Hacker II.

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