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Entry 30th January 2022: Post 3: Degrade your Amiga 1200 - ReloKick.

Degrade your Amiga 1200 - ReloKick.

I felt a bit rotten yesterday having shown the magazine featuring
the ReloKick cover disk and then not providing a copy. For me
this turned out to be more time consuming than first planned.

My problem was sourcing an original copy of the CU Amiga disk.
The first two I found had been overwritten by the Flashback game
which also resides on the disk. I eventually found a third, with
sticky tape on the label, and fortunately that worked. I have
included two ADF disk images. The first is the actual ReloKick
de-crunched software and the second is the CU Amiga Cover Disk 52.

To use the software just boot your Amiga 1200 with the disk and
like magic you will be presented with a WB 1.3 requester. Freaky.

So you can play all those pesky A500 games on your A1200. That's
the theory, sadly some still refuse to play ball.

I took the opportunity to feature some of the highlights of the
CU Amiga for March 93. Fascinating as ever.

ReloKick 1.3 Boot Disk | CU Amiga Cover Disk 52

Degrade your Amiga 1200 - ReloKick.

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