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Entry 31st January 2022: Post 1: Amiga Creative Software - Real 3D

Amiga Creative Software - Real 3D

This little blog took me over two weeks to put together. Just as
I thought I had collated all that I needed I discovered another
article, some of which involved me obtaining a few publications.
For years I have had these half a dozen Amiga Format specials
kicking about and never delved too much into the software. Being
an AutoCAD jockey for many decades I am well versed in the 2D
aspect of computer drawing and rendering. However, throw in that
third dimension and I would really struggle. And so I grabbed
manuals and disks of version 2.04 and did a little reading.

First up, if you plan on doing any animation with any software
you really need a minimum 030 and oodles of RAM. There is no way
you are going to be able to do anything on an unexpanded Amiga 500.
A hard drive is a must also and a good quality large monitor useful.

Whilst I have used other applications I have no experience of Real
3D. I have seen plenty of videos and I would certainly recommend
checking out the various available on YouTube.The software is a
little dated for today's use. personally I fiddle around with
Blender and even that is a real brain teaser.

'Real 3D is the brainchild of two Finnish brothers, Juha and Vesa
Meskanen, which brings together their interests in engineering
and theoretical mathematics and programming the Amiga'.

'The development of Real 3D started in the spring 1986, when the
advanced Amiga 1000 computer was released in Finland. The Amiga
was the first reasonably low cost micro powerful enough and with
the graphic capabilities required for development of three
dimensional solid modelling CAD software. After a three year
development project we were able to present the first version and
have been able to release new updates of the software regularly'.

'The name Real 3D was chosen to illustrate the basic principle of
the program, which is the simulation of the real world. Pictures
produced by the solid modeller of the program are extremely realistic.
This principle also means that Real 3D is easier to use: most of us
are not experienced 3D modellers, but everybody has experience of
the real world!'
[end quote]

If you haven't already guessed, Real 3D is a design and animation
program for producing high quality, realistic pictures of three
dimensional objects. To master this will take time, and you also
have to have the desire to do so, as with all 3D animations, you
spend a lot of time in the wire frame without the end result. For
me I do find any 3D animation work very time consuming, and I just
simply get lost on the processes. That should not put you off from
trying cus if you persevere you can achieve wonderful things.

In the day program software like Imagine and Real 3D were not cheap.
Not only did you have to shell out the three hundred quid, you also
needed to upgrade your kit. Although the suggestion is the software
is easy to use, you really have to have an aptitude toward 3D work
and be prepared to slog it out.

Anyhoo I have included all the major publication reviews of the day
so if you want to learn more I suggest you obtain copies yourself
plus the copy disks and software and have a go.

I also have experience with C-Light which was a cheap ray tracer of
the day and that often floats around the internet. I include a
magazine review for information purposes.

Amiga Creative Software - Real 3D

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