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Entry 3rd January 2024: Post 1: MAX SWIV - Having failed with the Personal Animation Recorder.

MAX SWIV - Having failed with the Personal Animation Recorder.

I sense sometimes that I need to remind readers of what the blog
is about given that it records my daily retro activities. I say
that with a heavy pinch of salt as my journey through the day can
be anything but retro.

Today I set to rebuilding those Digital Processing disks that I
featured the other day and transferred the files to ZIP and then
via the PC to the USB and back up here for the emulator.

Matters suffered a slight hiccup as the ZIP drive I use on the
SurfSquirrel started to give out the dreaded death click. With a
little perseverance and a threat of throwing out the window she
seemed to clear the problem, but not before I expended a lot more
time than planned.

I became a little nervous of these disks working and so I decided
as a back up to copy Cover Disk No 13 of Amiga Computing November
1990, just for shts'n'giggles just in case.

My time in the Workshop was a little tiring as we have just gotten
through Storm Henk or what ever it's called and I have had a fun time
preparing for the worst as I live in the New Forest in the Avon
Valley which is a flood zone and had made preparations. The water
had risen some six inches recently outside the front door and did
near enter the workshop. Worst are the quite enormous oak trees
in the garden which if they fell would destroy the house. I first
had to put the room straight before proceeding.

With the disks copied I fired up the emulator and not surprisingly
they simply flagged that I had no card installed for the software.
Never mind, you don't get anything if you don't try. I was hoping
there was some animation program on the disk, but there was not.

Anyhoo to Plan B and the Amiga Computing cover disk. On the disk
was a demo of SWIV... and it wouldn't work. I tried other disks
but sadly none of them worked. How perplexing. I never give up so
I set too trying to unearth my boxed version of the game. This was
no small task as I really had no idea where it was. Man was I
pleased when I discovered it. Sadly it was now dark. Very dark.

My day has been anything but a simple process of achieving my set
goal. Instead I found myself diverted on yet another path. Again
this is not unusual for me. And so I eased myself into a session
of SWIV which is a lot like the Core game Banshee. I have to say
it turned out to be very enjoyable. I can't recall ever playing
this before.

The box set is called MAX by US Gold and features Turrican II, SWIV,
ST Dragon and Night Shift. Each game on one DD disk and truly
great value in terms of  fun per kilobyte of gaming goodness. In
the box as also Turrican the first one. Which was nice.

So I never got to use the Personal Animation software. I guess
I need to have a look see if I have the card somewhere. You just
don't know. So the sky is now clear ... For now. Been a very noisy
and quite worrying windy week.  Still here.

MAX SWIV - Having failed with the Personal Animation Recorder.

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