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Entry 6th January 2024: Post 1: Amiga OS 3.1 - Courtesy of the Village people.

Amiga OS 3.1 - Courtesy of the Village people.

So whilst I wait for myself to uncover this A500 I have with the
A500 Plus motherboard and the 3.1 ROM I thought I would just say
a few words in the mean time .. So how you doing ? Trust you had
a nice winter's veil holiday. My holiday was pretty windy.

OK OS 3.1 or as I like to call it Workbench 3.1. This was the
update that Commodore never officially released. They had entered
an agreement with Village Tronic to sell the ROM and Workbench
but then went bust.

I do have 3.1 on any number of Amigas and very often the ROM is
fitted but the computer still uses the original Workbench. You
can tell if you have the 3.1 ROM from the original disk entry
window or from the ABOUT from the drop down menu.

The original 3.1 Commodore update was incomplete and had a number
of bug fixes made by Hyperion Entertainment.

The main changes in the original update were to accommodate the
CD-ROM support including CDXL and support for the CD32 Akiko.

The very splendid Greg Donner has an excellent text document with
all the changes brought about by the 3.1 ROM update.

Click for text document of changes

I do have the OS3.1 developers update disks which include all the
CDXL and CD-ROM updates.

I have no real interest in progressing from 3.1. I do use a couple
of machines with OS3.5 and OS3.9 using the 3.1 ROM but I feel way
more comfortable with Workbench's 2.04 and 3.0. Bonkers I know.

There are two styles of 3.1 release. The Village Tronic and the
Amiga Technologies or Escom. If you do acquire the Village Tronic
version my guess is that it will be in German. I made that mistake.

Anyhoo.. still twiddling my thumbs waiting for this A500 to show
up. Hopefully tomorrow and before I lose daylight. Does get very
dark quite early these days, normally an hour or two after I get
up. Having your breakfast late afternoon is a perk of not having
to work each day.

No doubt another update tomorrow. Which I think is already today.

Amiga OS 3.1 - Courtesy of the Village people.

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