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Entry 7th January 2024: Post 1: Amiga 500 Plus 3.1 - Finally found her.

Amiga 500 Plus 3.1 - Finally found her.

Right under my bloody nose again. I have a saying here when I can't
find something and that is it's obviously in clear sight. And I am
rarely wrong. She was at the front of the stack leaning against a
broken case which I had assumed incorrectly was the broken machine.

The computer was used in a blog to install Workbench 3.1 on an XT
drive in an A590 and I just wanted to validate which machine I used
so that when I find the A590 I can make a note on the case.

This computer was first featured on the website on 26th October
2006. She arrived as an A500 but with an A500 Plus motherboard and
with the Solid State Leisure A5000 accelerator. For years I didn't
use or clean the computer for fear of mucking the accelerator up.
I did eventually try to fire up the card but with only marginal

The board was put away having had one last go and actually got the
thing working during a lightning storm. The computer was stored
with the view there was a faulty CPU which turned out to be a bent
pin. At that time I finally got round to cleaning the board.

She was never featured on my original acid test run to check the
battery damage on my A500 Plus machines. She did however appear
as part of my health check in 2021.

I was convinced that the 3.1 ROM machine used in the A590 install
was one I have on the bench and so for some time this computer
has been rogue. The sticker advises of the various times I have
had the machine out and done work with her. The last was in Feb
2021 when I must have been checking the A590 again.

Strangely, whilst the case is an original A500, the keyboard is
that of an A500 Plus. This machine came as is with the Plus so the
computer must have used the A500 Plus keyboard. I do know of folk
buying A500 Plus motherboards as a cheap option to install in the
cases of their A500s.

The battery was removed when it arrived here and the only hint of
corrosion is to the first small resistor, otherwise there is no
corrosion anywhere. The trap door connector pins are shiny like
new. There is no evidence of track damage anywhere on the board.

I was listening to Evanescence whilst taking the pics and made a
record of the SONY player to remind me. I became quite conscious
that my camera is now very tired and I do need to sharpen up my
act. Getting a new camera will give me the opportunity to take
fresh pics of everything .... Again !!

The machine powered up and loaded the Workbench 3.1 albeit without
a monitor. It was a big ask today to lump a monitor onto the bench
as I have another project on the go in the adjacent spot.

Man do I enjoy looking over my computers. I am always thrilled to
see a clean and tidy interior to an A500 Plus. Over the years
since I got this computer the Plus has certainly become one of my
most favoured Amigas. I'm so lucky to have a number that work.

I put a fresh sticker on the back. Happy days.

PS: And er no .. She is like never going to be Retrobrited. She 
looks wonderful just the way she is. Mellow.

Amiga 500 Plus 3.1 - Finally found her.

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