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Entry 9th January 2024: Post 1: Acorn 5000 - Take 2024 and hanging by a thread.

Acorn 5000 - Take 2024 and hanging by a thread.

Just 10 degrees C on the bench today and not a good day to be up
by the tripod. I couldn't resist having a peek into the Acorn
5000 following yesterdays retrospective. I hadn't realised it
had been over five years since I removed the battery.

I added a few pictures from November 2018. The components are
very small and in truth are pretty much in the same state as they
were when I removed the battery. Maybe a little more of the
corrosion here and there.

The components that surround the removed battery are literally
hanging on by a thread. They really need de-soldering from the
board and replacing. Sadly beyond my skills. I removed what
corrosion I could back in November 2018, but I fear any further
aggressive cleaning will wipe what is left from the board.

I had decided last year to glass case this machine and never use
in anger again, but I simply couldn't resist today. So I braved
the cold and had a go.

I have one dodgy keyboard amongst the two I have and I must have
used the bad one to start with. I swapped them over and at first
the machine refused to get past the second cyan rectangle. I
then ran my hand a few times over the whole keyboard to make sure
one of the keys wasn't sticking and like magic the red flashing
third rectangle appeared and then I was in the console and the
machine beeped, the floppy fired up and I was in.

Idiot me forgot the mouse so had to do the whole thing again.

Next I had to configure the IDE hard drive again as their is no
CMOS battery retaining the drive configs. This I did and soon I
had the hard drive appearing at the bottom of the screen. She
really is a trooper this machine.

I really should give the inside a good clean, but I resist cus if
it aint broke. She cannot survive much longer I would have thought.
Those components have no right to be still working, if indeed they
do. Poor girl needs to go to a good home where she can be lovingly
restored. Makes me quite sad.

That aside I took some pretty atrocious pictures. I do sense the
camera also has come to the end of its life cycle. The images from
the monitor are always tricky cus what you can't see is a bloody
great red black edged scan line filling the screen that the camera
does its best to ignore.

Anyway I sound like I am complaining. Far from it. Pictures aside
I was more than warmed by the sight of my Acorn 5000 working like
a charm. Certainly one of my favourites. My struggle now will be
resisting firing her up again. So difficult.

As ever .. happy days. Even at ten degrees. I do like the cold.

Acorn 5000 - Take 2024 and hanging by a thread.

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