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Entry 12th January 2024: Post 1: Annie Nightingale - Sadly missed.

Annie Nightingale - Sadly missed.

A music weaver with impeccable taste. Rarely has anyone purporting
to master the art of radio beacon has held such influence over my
ultimate musical acquisitions. She gave me such a wealth of tracks
to enjoy over the time I listened to her shows. For all her time on
radio I am truly thankful. Only when you lose something so precious
do you sense the magnitude of loss.

Sadly missed.

I recorded Annie Nightingale's radio show more than most. I played
copies of the music in the car and I particularly had one that got
played more than most. Sadly the car was stolen and with it the
Annie tape. The next day I combed the music shops to acquire each
and every piece of music so I could recreate the selection. Without
Annie it still gave comfort as it was her selection and she simply
had an incredible ear for a good tune.

This was side one of that cassette ...

Annie Nightingale [ around 1991 ]

Londonbeat: Still Thinking About You
Adamski: Killer
Happy Mondays: God Cop
Peter Sellers: Party Political Speech
Paul Young: Every Time You Go Away
New Order: Mr Disco
Propaganda: Dream Within A Dream

I am really going to miss you. Sad day indeed.

YouTube Everytime You Go Away (Extended Version) - Paul Young Advance warning adverts.

Annie Nightingale - Sadly missed.

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