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Entry 13th January 2024: Post 1: Amiga 1000 - Kupke Golem Megabit and friends.

Amiga 1000 - Kupke Golem Megabit and friends.

Was watching a YouTube video last night featuring some expansions
for the Amiga 1000. Quite impressed that I had quite a few of what
was featured. Also super impressed that they were all provided by
my favourite Commodore collector Bo Zimmerman. When I started to
collect Commodore I modelled my acquisitions on the lists provided
by Bo and I have to say in the day I was quite successful.

Frustratingly, whilst being sure I had featured the Kupke in the
past I just couldn't find the images. Turns out I had listed the
Kupke under its actual name , the Golem Megabit. I only found this
out after I spent the afternoon hunting down the RAM expansion and
then taking photographs. Never mind , more stock pics for later.

Anyhoo here are featured the main stars of that video. I wasn't too
impressed with the video as the guy seems less than enthusiastic
unless retrobriting is involved. He does like white computers for
some reason. Saying that, any thumbs up to Bo Zimmerman has to be
worth a shout.

I have included all the links to my kit below.

Amiga 1000 - Kupke Golem Megabit and friends.

Kupke Golem Megabit

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Amiga 1020

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Amiga 1060

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Bo Zimmerman

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