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Entry 27th January 2024: Post 1: Sinclair PC 200 - Professional Series Wedge.

Sinclair PC 200 - Professional Series Wedge.

Time for that last great wedge computer of the late eighties. The
very uninspiring Sinclair Professional Series PC 200. Remember how
a few blogs ago I told you how the guys at Commodore had been very
fearful of the Sinclair QL. Well, as a consequence of that machines
subsequent failure Alan Sugar, of Amstrad fame, decided to paint
his PC 20 machine black and launch it as a wedge PC in 1988.

The Sinclair PC 200 was a massive flop and really was a very poor
replacement for the QL. The machine uses all the parts from the
Amstrad PC 20. using an 8086 processor running at 8MHz and with
512K RAM. The OS is basically MS DOS 3.3 and the GEM Desktop. The
computer has no hard drive and if you want to use the two internal
expansion ports you gotta leave the top cover off all the time.

The machine came with a colour and black and white monitor, both
rebadged Amstrad monitors. The one I have is the S-12MM. Within
the wedge there is a CGA video card amazingly, no kidding.

The computer represents desperate hours for Amstrad trying to get
a toe hold into the Amiga and Atari domains. If you have never
seen one then I'm not surprised. It truly is most forgettable  and
kinda takes Alan Sugar right back to where he started selling
rather poor electronics kit. Saying that, no fake wood.

I do apologise for the seriously crappy images. I do promise one
day to retrieve the box from the store and take some better pics.
I do have the monitor to hand so I was able to take some better
pics a couple of years ago. For now I have simply enlarged the
very small picture gallery pics I have from when I bought the
machine back in 2006.

Anyhoo for those that thought I was going to feature an A1200
here today I am truly sorry for the wind-up. I am going to give
a mention tomorrow of another 'wedgy' and then maybe I might give
a shout to the Amiga 1200, given she has to be the best wedge
like ever. Or not.... hmm thinks. What about the Falcon ?

Dilemma time [ so funny ].

I've been playing Hitman all day trying to climb a building to
find an open window so I can shoot some in-game character. Just a
personal challenge. I did find a way up in the end and managed the
shot. Man I love Hitman. Way more interesting than the PC 20. But
then what isn't ?

I also reactivated my old characters in Archeage which are now
the property KakaoGames. My game data has been bouncing around
the world since Trion dumped the game. Seemed like a good time
to take the donkeys out for a spin. As you do.

As ever .. happy days.

Sinclair PC 200 - Professional Series Wedge.

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